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The link between Oral and General health has become all the more obvious in recent years. It is now well documented that over 80% of all chronic diseases start in the mouth. Making the connection between oral health and the food we eat is therefore a vital step in the process of understanding and preventing disease.

holistic care in dentistryAwareness about the detrimental effects of sugar and processed foods is growing rapidly, just as the benefits of choosing fresh organic produce is becoming increasingly obvious. Micro-flora (bacteria) of the mouth and the gut are very much interlinked. If bacterial balance (between good and bad bugs) is slipping at one end, the other will follow.

A chain of events resulting from impaired nutrient absorption and exposure to chemicals and heavy metals, followed by inflammation and the generation of critical toxins, may initiate chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Auto-Immune diseases and Neurological disorders, all of which have increased exponentially in recent years. Dental decay and gum disease are seriously chronic in nature as well.

Holistic Care, in this context, means caring for the Whole Person.

In our modern scientific environment, Oral and General health are firmly interlinked. Prevention today has an ever increasing role in reducing the need for medical treatment.

At Holistic Dental, we firmly believe that dentists, doctors, naturopaths and nutritionists should work closely together in order to achieve the best outcome for you, our patients. For this reason, we are linked to a professional network of the finest practitioners, so that you may have direct access to the therapies you need in order to achieve and enjoy optimal health and longevity.

Dr Alex Dietz

Should need arise, please consider the following contacts:

1. Holistic GP: Dr Vivian Taylor and Dr Carlos Sanchez, 07 5447 5679

2. Holistic Retreat: Living Valley Health Retreat, 1800 644 733

3. Supplements Advice: David Weir, 07 5447 4044 .